Absolute Auction - Historic Rugby 80 ac. in 14 tracts

by Ayers Auction & Realty


October 03, 2015 Sat. Oct 3rd at 10 A.M. (EDT) Eastern


Historic Rugby Inc. Rugby, TN


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Property is owned by Historic Rugby, Inc. and the corporation has hired us to conduct an absolute auction on their behalf. Make plans today to come to the auction and buy a great tract of land at your own price.

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Rebecca Johnson Theater & Visitor Center

1335 Parkway Rugby, TN 37733


Absolute Auction in Historic Rugby

80 acres in 14 Tracts

Saturday Oct. 3rd at 10 A.M. Eastern and 9 A.M. Central

80 Acres located on Hwy 52, Rugby Parkway, and Brewstertown RD in Morgan County.  Property will be offered in 13 tracts from 5.04 acres to 7.50 acres all with paved road frontage and mild restrictions.  We will be selling surface rights only the mineral rights are owned by another party. All construction on the lots 1 thru 10 facing Hwy 52 must take place on the north side of the 50' access road easement that roughly parallels Hwy 52. Construction on lots 12 thru 14 facing the Rugby Parkway must set back from the road at least 100'. Purchasers will be responsible for installation of any desired utilities. Tax map 004 parcel 042.00 has a county tax appraisal of $217,600.00.

Prime woodland near the historic village of Rugby suitable for second homes in an area protected by a national park, a state natural area, and private land restrictions in a historic village.

2 Lots in the Boyle Woods at Historic Rugby development. Lot #2 is 3.13 acres on a gravel road with underground utilities. Property is restricted and house plans must be approved by the Design Review Committee and a copy of these restrictions are available to be viewed under view documents section of this website.  Tax map 004 parcel 006.07 and has a tax appraisal of $66,900.00. Also selling lot 6 in Boyle Woods a 2.44 acre building lot.  Tax map 004 parcel 006.11 has a tax appraisal of $46,000.00.

"Become a part of the Rugby Renaissance"

Nestled among tall pines and oaks just south of the Big South Fork National Park, lies Historic Rugby, Tennessee; a British-founded village whose Utopian dream of a better life in America has never quite died.

Historic Rugby is an award winning nonprofit membership organization working since 1966 to preserve and interpret for the public the 1880 village founded by British statesman and author, Thomas Hughes.

Located on Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland Plateau, adjacent to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. We are surrounded by gorgeous countryside and steeped in history.






          Historic Rugby has developed Boyle Woods home sites with similar guidelines and goals as Beacon Hill:

            (a) to further the preservation of the architectural style and identity and the original town plan of the Rugby Colony National Register Historic District;

            (b) to encourage the repopulation of the Rugby community toward its historic size of from  200-300 residents;

            (c) to retain protected natural areas around the lots with greenway access;      

            (d) to provide economic support to Historic Rugby for its preservation and educational purposes, and social and economic enhancement to the community and the region.

            Historic Town Plan:

          Boyle Avenue encircled the 5-acre Twin Oaks tract on the 1880 town plan, providing access to an area suitable for residences, but none were built historically.  Boyle Avenue has been partially reopened to access the new homesites. 

            Utilities and Road Ownership/Maintenance:

          Utility lines to all 6 lots are underground, including water from Huntsville Utility District, electric from Plateau Electric, phone/internet service from Highland Telephone and natural gas from Citizens Gas.

            Historic Rugby will retain responsibility for roads and rights-of-way maintenance.  Each lot owner will pay a minimum annual maintenance fee of $250 toward year-round maintenance, such as gravel, grading, rights of way mowing, etc.  Historic Rugby will maintain these funds in an escrow account and provide lot owners with a record of expenditures upon request.

            Septic Systems:

          All 6 lots have been approved by the State Health Department for subsurface sewage disposal (septic systems) for homes with up to three bedrooms; all lots are large enough for more than three bedrooms if desired. 


          Terms of the easement include: (a) 5 years from date of purchase to begin construction of an approved residence, 6 years to complete exterior.  Extension(s) may be granted for reasonable cause;  (b) adherence to the Design Guidelines attached as a part of the easement, which deal primarily with building mass, form, proportion, door and window styles, roof pitch, materials, exterior colors and siting; (c) submission of full building plans and site plan to the Design Review Committee to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness before any work on the lot can commence; (d) limitations on use of all lots to residential only, with the exception of limited visitor lodging, such as bedroom(s) used to provide bed & breakfast or a small guest cottage; and to certain low impact cottage industries such as

production of handcrafts.  No on-site retail sales outlets (stores, shops, etc.) will be allowed.  The full easement and the design guidelines require careful review and discussion BEFORE a lot sale is finalized.        

Lot Sizes & Home Sizes: 

           Prices and sizes of available Boyle Woods lots are shown on the attached site map.  Design approved homes in the 1,500 to 3,000 square foot range will be the norm, though exceptions might be granted depending upon design, mass, proportion, and siting.

          Development Assistance:

          Historic Rugby has developed a Resource Manual to provide to all lot owners which includes a copy of the Rugby Master Plan Design Guidelines, a copy of the Deed of Easement and Declaration of Restrictive Covenants; examples of historically compatible home designs which can be adapted by an architect or draftsperson; examples of historically compatible designs which can be purchased ready to build with modifications made if needed; listings of area contractors and other pertinent material.  Historic Rugby staff will be available to provide assistance to lot owners throughout the planning and building process. 

Real Estate: 10% down day of auction by cash or good check, balance upon closing in 30 days.

A 10% Buyers Premium

Property to be offered individually and in combinations using our ultimate choice bidding system.

Property sold ' as is, where is'. The buyers must do their inspections prior to auction day.

Property is restricted.

We are selling surface rights only, the mineral rights are owned by another party.

Announcements day of auction take precedence over any previous written or oral statements regarding the property.

Closings will be done by John Beaty their will be a $100.00 closing fee and other typical buyer closing fees for title insurance, title search and recording fees, etc.

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